Why Is It Called a Roll Off Dumpster?

A roll-off dumpster is called so because of the way it is delivered and removed from a location. The term “roll-off” refers to the unique delivery method involving a specialized truck equipped with a hoist and rolling wheels. Here’s how the process works:

  1. Delivery: The roll-off dumpster is delivered to the desired location by a roll-off truck. The dumpster is typically rolled off the back of the truck onto the ground.
  2. Placement: Once on the ground, the roll-off dumpster can be easily rolled or moved into the desired position at the site. This is particularly useful for precise placement, especially in tight spaces.
  3. Loading: Users can load the dumpster with waste, debris, or other materials over a specified rental period.
  4. Pickup: When the rental period is over or the dumpster is full, the roll-off truck returns to the site. The hoist is used to lift and “roll” the dumpster back onto the truck for transportation to a waste disposal facility.

The rolling and unrolling action of the dumpster during delivery and pickup is where the term “roll-off” originates. This method offers flexibility and ease of use, especially in construction, renovation, and cleanup projects where efficient and precise placement of the dumpster is crucial.

What Can I Use a Roll Off For?

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